Gambino E Liquid – Nasty x Kilo E Liquid For those of you with a little bit of wanderlust, here is a travel ready juice that will make you want to hit the road and pack this masterpiece along with you. Gambino E Liquid by Nasty x Kilo brings a gourmet fruity flavor that’s known for its intense, cooling qualities right to your tank. You can’t get strawberries that taste this authentic or delicious even if you go all the way to Hawaii yourself. With bright, citrusy fruit flavoring, there really isn’t anything that’s even remotely as refreshing as this summer time delicacy out there. Imagine if they sold this combination at your local juicery as a kid? Your allowance would be non existent, you would probably be paying the owners student loans off in their entirety. So prepare yourself to inhale and taste vibrant, sweet strawberries, tart orange and pulpy banana that fill up your senses and leave you with a full experience that puts you completely and totally under its spell. If you like your juices to have an upscale flavor that turns a number of simplistic tastes into a complex creation that even top, five star chefs can’t deny is fantastic, you will love this blend. Pure and natural, this juice is going to be your number one recommendation when anyone asks you what new blend they should try. A great desert island juice that will be the best possible choice if you ever find yourself going somewhere with the option to only bring one along with you. Inhale and exhale, live each moment in the now and love every single last minute of it. No need to stuff the entire bulk of fruits into your pocket and make a mess of your pants.

70 vg / 30 pg


100% Diketone Free (Diacetyl & Acetyl)


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